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“Anointed”, “Spirit filled”, “Inspired”, “Blessed”, “Talented”, “Amazing”…  These are just a few of the comments Heather Smith has heard about her music.  Since the start of her own music ministry just two short years ago in early 2016, Heather has wow’ed audiences with both her beautiful vocal ability and her exceptional songwriting skills.  Her country style to this ministering music is no wonder though.  A background of living the country lifestyle blends into Heather’s songs.  From horses and bulls to farming and ranching to chickens and gardens, there’s pretty much no other way to explain her approach to music but as ‘country’.

Although she didn’t grow up in a church, as an adult Heather has been heavily involved with church and has held a position in just about every area of it.  She says that not having the early history of church service gives her a leg up on outreach, which she is passionate about.  “I want to reach those people who are lost in many ways.  I’d like to get into the ditches of life and help people out of them who do want out of those ditches.” is her comment for just one of the directions for her music.  Heather’s music is truly ministering as well with its life and biblical truths.

Every one one of Heather’s songs are filled with hope for the hurting, help for the suffering, life for the lost, and the love of God for everyone who seeks Him.  These songs cannot just be written from anyone.  Only someone who is actively seeking to please God through prayer and devotion could be inspired to write such lyrics.  Not only is Heather using her talent for music when she writes these songs, she is using prayer and her relationship with God through His son Jesus.  For these reasons, we can say her songs ‘worship’ God.

This wife, mother of two, and ambitious young woman has already put some miles under her feet both in life and in her ministry which gives her many amusing and entertaining stories. Why not let her music filled with its stories of love, hope, and peace minister in your life, group, church, or outreach?  Heather records her music in Nashville, TN so that she can offer a high quality of musicians and recording sound to her audiences in the form of CD’s and also in digital downloads on most major music purchasing sites.  She also travels with her family on a love offering basis and asks no minimum amount to come and minister.  She tells people, “God has blessed me with the means to help others and not have to ask for money to do it… I think I get blessed just as much as the people I’m ministering to by getting to hear how the music God has given me has brought them closer to Jesus, God’s truth, or their relationship with God.” Heather Smith’s music is truly a gift from God!

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 920, Snyder, TX 79550

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